OSAJI - Nuance Lip Gloss 4.5g - 8 Types

Brand from Japan: OSAJI. A lip gloss that colors your lips with a fresh color and a plump form created by the plumper effect. It fits snugly to cover unevenness, creating a beautiful color / gloss / shape. While moisturizing and protecting lips to protect them from dryness. 01 Ashita: Sugar pink beige with slightly colored pearls. 02 Honne: Rose red that gives lips a chic complexion and brings out the nobleness of adults. 03 Senkou: An orange that creates a brown-beige nuance by overlapping the lips. 04 Kiba: A transparent color with plenty of pink and gold glitter, for base and nuance change. 05 Anohanashi: Chocolate brown with a dull and moving nuance, for an ennui mood with blue and pink glitter. 06 Aizu: Magenta pink with a pure impression with creamy mellowness, it is a non-pearl color that makes your lips look beautiful and glossy. 07 Tabiji: Copper brown with glittering gold glitter with an exotic mood, dramatically with a complexion that suppresses sweetness. 08 Aruhi: Beige with red nuances with pink glitter, the playfulness of lame shines in the mature natural and chic colors. How to use: Take an appropriate amount with the attached brush or your own brush and use it on your lips.

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